Every stand up paddleboard purchase should be accompanied by an appropriate paddle that’s suitable for the paddler. It’s important to find a paddle that is comfortable, and has the right grip and length to make your time moving on top of the body of water as enjoyable as possible.

There are several different types of stand up paddleboard paddles, all of which we’ll cover briefly below. If you have any question about paddles or SUP in general, please feel free to contact our Nags Head Kitty Hawk Surf Co. location at 252-441-6800.

Fiberglass Paddles

Probably the most common, widely-used paddle, fiberglass is both affordable and high-performance, which makes paddles made out of the material some of the most popular on the market. These paddles are also fairly light, which is another nifty benefit.

Wooden Paddles

Ah, wood. An age-old material that is great for a vast number of different things. Typically, a wooden stand up paddleboard paddle with be made from one piece of wood. Wooden paddles are both attractive to look at and fairly lightweight.

Carbon Fiber Paddles

In most cases these paddles are the most expensive. However, to justify the additional cost compared to a wooden or fiberglass paddle, SUP enthusiasts choose carbon fiber paddles because they are super durable and extremely lightweight. If you do spring for this high-end option, be sure not to lose your prized SUP accessory in the water!

Aluminum Paddles

Less popular than carbon fiber, wood, and fiberglass alternatives, aluminum paddles are typically bulkier and a less expensive option.

Plastic Paddles

Don’t typically see too many of these. Plastic paddles are heavy, less durable, and aren’t all that comfortable to use.

So that’s a brief overview of stand up paddleboard paddles! Confused? No worries! Stop in or call us at our Nags Head location at 252-441-6800 and we’ll be happy to help you pick out a paddle that’s both right for you and within your budget.

(Photo: Flickr / Mike Norton)