Kayak Fishing Outer Banks North Carolina

It’s no surprise that the sport of kayak fishing has quickly become one of the most popular recreational water activities on the Outer Banks. Combining the health benefits of kayaking and an amazing opportunity to explore the coastal wonders of Easter North Carolina, along with the thrill of landing tat great catch, kayak fishing has found its way onto the local scene and shows no sign of slowing down.

Kayak fishing is still relatively new to many although the sport has seen a sharp rise in popularity over the pat several years. Tour offerings have increased, sales of angler kayaks have exploded, and accessories that allow you to customize your fishing experience are much more plentiful than ever.

There’s a lot to think about when considering the jump into kayak fishing.

If you’re looking to learn more about this “white hot” sport, here are a few simple yet valuable considerations as you move closer to taking the kayak fishing plunge.

Location, Location, Location

Are you likely to fish mostly in saltwater or freshwater? What types of fish are you going after? Small Bait Mullet? Mahi Mahi? Puppy Drum? Different kayaks cater to different wants and needs, so be sure to give some thought to where you plan to spend a majority of your time, before selecting your boat and accessories.

Comfort Zone

Stability and seating support are likely two of the most important considerations to take into account when selecting a kayak. Your comfort out on the water is paramount.

It can be extremely beneficial to demo a few different kayak options to get a true sense of the variety that exists and determine what feel is best for you before a major financial commitment. Kitty Hawk Surf Company offers a variety of kayaks to demo before you decide to make a purchase, helping to eliminate guesswork and enable you to make a more informed decision.

Customization is “Within Reach”

Each angler has different need and wants. There are certainly plenty of options to create a unique watercraft that you can call your own.

How many rod holders are you looking to have? Do you need an anchor? How about a cooler and storage option for bait, tackle, other gear, and keepers? There are many ways to make your kayak truly yours. After all, when you’re out on the ocean water with a rod in your hand, why not be comfortable, right?

Like most things in life, knowledge is power. With so many angler kayaks and accessories to choose from, it’s important to personalize your experience and know what options are available to you, especially for someone new to the sport.

Excellent online information is plentiful from industry leaders such as Hobie and Wilderness Systems, but nothing can top the focused attention and first-hand information sharing that comes with stopping by a local shop and exploring your kayak and accessory options with a professional.