Outer Banks Stand Up Paddleboarding

Ride the waves, surf the sound, explore the creeks, and get fit while doing it on a stand up paddle board. Few water sports provide an on-the-water experience that’s as versatile and fun as stand up paddle boards (or SUPs). And few places in the world provide as much ecological diversity for pursuing the sport as the Outer Banks.

What was originally created by surf instructors in Hawaii as a way to observe large groups of students has become a popular way for people from many walks of life, varied skill levels, and diverse interests to get out and enjoy the water in their own backyards – whether it’s the ocean, the sound, a river, creek, or mud hole. Okay, maybe not a mud hole, but SUPs do work great in as little as a foot of water. And by the way, A-list celebrities have taken up the sport as a way of getting an intense total-body workout.

Stand up paddle boards ride and steer a lot like a kayak, but from a standing position, you get a much better view of the scenery around you – and if catching a wave if your goal, a great perspective to see incoming sets. All things considered, it’s a relatively easy sport to learn, and an outfitter worthy of your purchase will almost certainly offer lessons. So, get the right gear, a little training, and for the ultimate in SUP adventure, get to the Outer Banks.

The narrow barrier islands that constitute the Outer Banks provide the perfect setting for SUP adventuring, with the ocean, sounds, tidal creeks, and inland waterways just a few hundred yards in any direction. And you’ll find that with constantly changing winds, tides, and weather conditions, two paddling trips will never be the same. While you’re on the Outer Banks, drop by a Kitty Hawk Surf Co. location to see the latest in stand up paddle board styles and gear. And for newcomers looking to try out this new sport, Kitty Hawk Surf Co. offers lessons and rentals.