Surfing Big Waves Outer Banks North Carolina

Joey Dwyer is one talented videographer. This video is just one of his many great works. The video features a number of different well-known and lesser-known surfers including: Raven Lundy, Noah Snyder, Colin Herlihy, Jesse Hines (owner of the Surfin’ Spoon in Nags Head), Fisher Heverly, and Carl Dieter.

No doubt the water was frigid, and we thank these brave gentlemen who paddled out so we can enjoy this awesome video on our smartphone from the comfort of a heated room.

Here’s what Dwyer included in the video description area on Vimeo.

“Winter storm Mars on the Outer Banks was one for the books. The buoys at one point read 19.4ft @ 17 seconds. This Low pressure system formed in the pacific creating historic surf in Hawaii and Northern California. After moving across the country Mars drifted off the East Coast while pushing massive long period ground swell from the Caribbean to Canada. This sand bar in the banks pumped all day long.”

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did! Big thanks to Dwyer for putting this together.