Mirage Revolution 11


Seagrass Green,
Papaya Orange




Spring 2022

  • Hobie kayak Revolution 11

Powered by the MirageDrive 180 + Kick-Up Fins, the Revolution 11 is an ideal mix of size, speed, and maneuverability, easily transported to remote bodies of water. This eye-catching pedal kayak comes with all the essentials available on larger fishing kayak models, at significantly reduced weight: molded-in rod holders, multiple hatches, and a spacious storage well. There isn’t a single wasted inch on this compact kayak.

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Twist and Stow Rudder

Hobie’s Twist and Stow Rudder is there when you need it, gone when you don’t. A standard accessory on most Mirage models, the retractable-rudder system is engaged and disengaged with a pull of the T-shaped control handles.


Large Bow Hatch

Enables easy access to the bow's stowage compartment. A security strap with a detachable clip tethers the hatch; abovedeck, Bungee® cords secure extra gear.


Vantage CT Seating

State-of-the-art design, with 4-way adjustability for more comfort in the cockpit or on the beach. Enjoy breathability, infinite flexibility and better visibility.

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